reinventing myself

I have to reinvent myself. To redefine my limits, to set new rules. To start the game from the beginning. Learn how to play the game the best. It is the time to put behind all the feelings and thoughts I thought would last forever. I always knew it would never last but I got confused only for a while. I am always thinking what you told me. What I answered, how I looked at you, how you made me feel. Relationships are hard. This is the truth.

I always believed in timing. Both single. But it didn’t work. We’ve had a touch but nothing more. I am trying not to live again all the moments and feelings. I am trying but it isn’t working. Simple things. That is what I want. You?

You managed to unlock so soon so many things and feelings. But I don’t want to text you “how are you?”. I don’t want your rejection one more time. I don’t want to get involved in something that has no future. Because I have some dignity and some limits I cannot pass.

They say you have to demand what you want.

But what more can I do?

It was nice while it lasted.

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